labreports - ECE 3150 3/26/2010 LAB NOTEBOOKS AND LAB...

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ECE 3150 3/26/2010 L AB N OTEBOOKS AND L AB R EPORTS This guide contains some information to help you keep a good lab notebook and to give you an idea of our expectations for your lab reports. For the most part, you will be doing the labs in this course in groups of two. You and your lab partner should maintain a common lab notebook, and write up a single joint lab report that contains a summary of your experimental results and analysis, and whatever postlab analysis is required by the lab handout. The lab report for any given lab will be due about one week after that lab is done. Please submit your lab report in hard copy. 1 Lab Notebooks We expect that you will keep a lab notebook. However, we are not going to specify either the type of notebook that you use or the format that you use to record your experimental results. You may pick any bound notebook that you would like and record information in any order that seems reasonable to you. On each page you should write down the page number the date the page is used. You should record enough information, so that someone else in ECE 3150 could duplicate your experiments and so that you can remember what you did when you write up your lab. In theory, if you had to repeat a measurement, you should have enough information that you could duplicate your first experiment exactly, using the same chip and the same instruments. You will not need to include the answers to the prelab questions in your lab report, since this will be folded into homework. In order to prepare yourself for lab, you should always read the entire lab handout before you come to your lab section. You will waste your time (much more than a quiet reading before the lab) and TA’s time if you come to the lab unprepared, not to mention that you will learn a lot less from the lab experience. Make sketches of experimental set-ups, of data curves, of waveforms, or whatever else seems important. Record any questions that occur to you or any observations that you make, even if they seem minor or strange . Record all of the data that you take manually. Any claims that you make about your experimental results should be defensible on the basis of your notebook. Never fake data and do not alter your data. You should always use ink or ball pens, not pencils , in your notebook. Cross out things that you thought you recorded wrong. Do not use pencils or erasers in the lab
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labreports - ECE 3150 3/26/2010 LAB NOTEBOOKS AND LAB...

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