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week07 - Current mirror The circuit(including which...

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ECE 3150 Spring 2009 Week 7 Recitation Ask for Homework questions first on Homework 6 (you can choose to do Work problems below first) Finish the recitation question in the last time if you do not have a chance. The two new topics this week is the inverter and the current mirror. Important concept to review: Inverter: VTC, operating regions for NMOS and PMOS at each value of v IN , switching threshold, maximum current at switching threshold (no sizing of inverters yet), the small signal gain estimation in VTC, and PMOS passes strong “1” but weak “0” (pull-up) while NMOS passes strong “0” but weak “1” (pull-down).
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Unformatted text preview: Current mirror: The circuit (including which transistor should be diode connected, pull-up PMOS mirrors and pull-down NMOS mirrors), how V GS and (W/L) for the bias transistor (the one in series with I REF ) will be determined (notice V GS is then the same for all other transistors), and the v OUTi range to keep every transistor in saturation. Finally, current steering circuits to transfer between pull-up PMOS mirrors to pull-down NMOS mirrors. Use Questions 11 and 12 of the prelim exam last year (the entire exam will be posted) for practical calculation if there is sufficient time....
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