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Film analysis (information for first assignments) Lecture structure: 1. Film terms and analysis; Mise-en-scène Cinematography Editing Sound Your first assignment is a close reading of a piece of a Shakespeare film. What you need to remember is that you shouldn’t tell us the story. What we’re asking you to do here is tell us HOW the story is transmitted: what cinematic elements are put together to create certain effects. It is NOT what the story is about that matters, but HOW it is put together. 1. Film terms and analysis Four aspects of film making that you need to know about to do a reading of a Shakespeare film: Mise-en-scène Cinematography Editing Sound 1. Mise-en-scène (“put in the scene”) – the French word ‘mettre’ means ‘to put’. This could be costume, make-up, acting style, lighting and props. It is crucial for creating the style of the film. 2. Cinematography This covers the way the film is photographed, including the lengths of shots, the way they are framed, and whether they are done in close-up, or wide-angle. Also whether colored filters have been used over camera lenses (brown, sepia filters are sometimes used to indicate things happened in the past), whether shots are speeded up or in slow motion, whether the image is in sharp or soft focus. a) Framing
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5lectureanalysis - Film analysis (information for first...

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