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HS280 fall09 / worksheet: Baconian inquiries 1 READINGS (everyone) PRIMARY SOURCES Francis Bacon , Great instauration (1620), frontispiece illustration Francis Bacon , New atlantis (1627), selections Robert Boyle , “General Heads for a Natural History of a Countrey, Great or small,” Philosophical transactions 1 (2 April 1666): 186-89 SECONDARY SOURCES Richard Serjeantson , “Natural knowledge in the New Atlantis” (2002) Daniel Carey , “Compiling nature’s history” (1997) PRIMARY SOURCE DOCUMENT COLLECTION “The Introduction” & “Of the New American Whale-Fishing about the Bermudas,” Philosophical transactions 1 (6 March 1665): 1-2, 11-13 Caribbe-Islands,” Philosophical transactions 3 (16 March 1668): 629-30, 634-39 “Inquiries recommended to Colonel [Sir Thomas] Linch going to Jamaica” (manuscript, 1670) FOR CLASS everyone should… • be prepared to talk about Salomon’s House, an institution Francis
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