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Genetics 466 Fall 2008 Sean Carroll 1 PROBLEM SET #4 (lectures 22-23) 1. You should be knowledgeable about the following terms: transcription factor pheromone co-activator chromatin co-repressor upstream activating sequence enhancer activation domain recruitment Gal pathway Nucleosome Chromatin remodeling histone acetylation histone deacetylation glucose repression Gal4, Gal80, Gal3, Mig1
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Unformatted text preview: mating-type MAT locus HO 1, a2, a1 , a- factors/receptors sporulation cassette model SWI genes Cell-type specific genes Cooperativity Combinatorial regulation enhanceosome 2. An strain of yeast exists that will switch but cannot mate. What mutations might it carry that would explain this? 3. What genes are regulated by an 1, 2 in an cell?...
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