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PROBLEM_SET_4.466n_Lec22-23 - mating-type MAT locus HO α 1...

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Genetics 466 Fall 2008 Sean Carroll 1 PROBLEM SET #4 (lectures 22-23) 1. You should be knowledgeable about the following terms: transcription factor pheromone co-activator chromatin co-repressor upstream activating sequence enhancer activation domain recruitment Gal pathway Nucleosome Chromatin remodeling histone acetylation histone deacetylation glucose repression Gal4, Gal80, Gal3, Mig1
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Unformatted text preview: mating-type MAT locus HO α 1, a2, a1 α− , a- factors/receptors sporulation cassette model SWI genes Cell-type specific genes Cooperativity Combinatorial regulation enhanceosome 2. An α strain of yeast exists that will switch but cannot mate. What mutations might it carry that would explain this? 3. What genes are regulated by an α 1, α 2 in an α cell?...
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