PROBLEM_SET_5.466ndoc - antenna. How would you test this...

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Genetics 466 Fall 2008 Sean Carroll PROBLEM SET #5 (lectures 24-27) 1. Understand the following terms involved in the genetics of animal  development. segmentation zygotic function homeotic gene complex Hox cluster maternal effect Balanced lethal DNA-binding protein homeobox combinatorial control gradient activator helix-turn-helix prepattern spatial regulation repressor genetic hierarchy pattern formation cis-regulatory element gap gene pair-rule gene segment polarity gene morphogen dominant mutation recessive lethal 2. How can you tell if a gene is required zygotically and/or has a maternal effect? 3. How does the bicoid  protein gradient form? 4. You have isolated mutants in a gene that you think specifies the development of the  1
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Genetics 466 Fall 2008 Sean Carroll fly antenna.  How would you test your idea further? 5. You believe that the product of your antenna gene turns on other genes in the 
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Unformatted text preview: antenna. How would you test this idea? What materials would you need? What parts of the regulated genes must you identify? How would you verify a direct interaction in vitro and in vivo , between the protein and candidate target genes? 6. You find that your “antenna” gene is closely linked to genes involved in leg and proboscis formation. What might you predict about the structure, function, and evolution of this gene? 7. The position of the second stripe of even-skipped gene expression is determined by various trans- or cis-acting factors. What are these factors? What are two different kinds of genetic mutations that would cause the stripe not to form? What kind of mutation could cause the stripe to expand? 2...
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PROBLEM_SET_5.466ndoc - antenna. How would you test this...

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