HP 340L Week 2

HP 340L Week 2 - Median – not stable measure of central...

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HP 340L – 8/31/09 Experimental gives ability to make causal relationships – others can only determine associations Discrete (finite) vs. Continuous (Infinite) Chapter 3: Describing data – frequency distributions and graphs Percentile rank: score cumulative % Chapter 4: Descriptive Statistics Mode – not stable measure of central tendency
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Unformatted text preview: Median – not stable measure of central tendency, not affected by extreme scores 9/14/09 Gaussian Curve – normal curve Zscore = (Score – average)/sd Avg=112.4 Sd=13.7 N=250 95 CI – 1.96 (85.548 139.252) 99 CI - 2.58 (77.054 147.746)...
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