HP Midterm #2 340L

HP Midterm #2 340L - 2. One factor within-subjects 3. Two...

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HP Midterm 340L Questions to Resolve 1. Figure out which design 2. Ascertain what information is needed to answer the question 3. Compute needed SSs 4. ANOVA table with F-test 5. Comparisons of factor level means Study Designs 1. One factor between-subjects
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Unformatted text preview: 2. One factor within-subjects 3. Two factor between-subjects SS Test Type with test type means Subtract means from grand mean 12(11.2-9.3)^2 + 12(9.3-9.3)^2+12(7.3-9.3)^2 Grand mean = 9.3 Group means: 11.2, 9.3, 7.3...
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