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HP340 Syllabus_Fall09 - Health Behavior Statistical Methods...

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Health Behavior Statistical Methods HP 340L (Fall 2009) 1. General Information Lectures will be posted and updated on the blackboard system  (typically on Sunday evening). Class time:  3:30 pm – 4:50 pm M W,  Location:  THH-208 (Mark Taper Hall) Professor : Bryan Langholz, Ph.D. Phone:  E-mail: Office hours:  Office location: 323-442-1212 or 626-241-1544 langholz     @usc.edu     by appointment 220-D Center for Health Professionals, Keck  School of Medicine Co-Instructor : Tim Triche Phone: E-mail: Office hours: Office location: -- ttriche@usc.edu by appointment 2. Class Description During   the   course   of   this   class,   students   will   learn   statistical   methods   to   organize,  summarize, and interpret health related behaviors. This course will familiarize students with  different types  of  statistics,  review  the  underlying  assumptions,  and   teach  students  to  critically review and understand statistical analysis used in health related fields. Students will  also get experience in selecting and employing appropriate statistical procedures for data  analysis in these areas. Required Text : Kiess, H.O. and Green B.A. 2010 (Fourth Edition). Statistical Concepts  for the Behavioral Sciences. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.
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3. Performance Objectives During the course of the semester students will: complete weekly homework assignments. participate in class and group discussions. successfully pass three exams. 
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HP340 Syllabus_Fall09 - Health Behavior Statistical Methods...

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