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HP 400 Fall 09 - Final exam study guide, HP 400, Fall 2009...

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Final exam study guide, HP 400, Fall 2009 Parvin Shahlapour The final exam will cover the lectures and student presentations for classes held after midterm exam# 2, and selected subjects from previous Classes as follow: From Lectures for Power point presentation, Culture, life style and health. .. Health disparities, inequality, 1. Be able to define the term “culture” as presented in the lecture on “Introduction to Culture”. 3. Be familiar with the aspects of human life that are influenced by culture. 4. Know about cultural definitions about anatomy and physiology. 5. what is Epidemiology and different kind of epidemiological studies 6. Know about cultural factors in the epidemiology of disease. 7. Know what acculturation is. 8. Know how culture can be protective against disease and identification of disease. 9. Be familiar with cultural factors that are significant in the epidemiology of disease 10. Know what a Risk Factor and a Protective Factors are. 11. Know what health disparities are. 12. Know five factors disparities can result from 13. Know eight socioeconomic factors disparities can result. From Chapter 13: Infectious Disease 1. Know four improvement seem assured despite dynamic of infectious disease Adaptability 2. Know what a comprehensive global surveillance system Should be capable of to protect the world from infectious diseased 3. know about , global health, nationalism and infectious disease 4. know what will provide and maintain successful infectious disease programs 5. Know how globalization has developed of necessity in infectious disease control current development of the integrated of childhood illness model “IMCI” how it has built. Text book, P.114-115 6. What surprise the new century will provide regarding the role of infectious diseases in the pathogenesis of other diseases 7. Know infectious disease challenges we will have in the new century 8. Know differences between Virus and Bacteria From Chapter 14: C hronic Diseases. 1. Know in which two parts of the world deaths from communicable diseases still outpace deaths from chronic diseases. 2. Know what four major health problems are prominent as of 2000. 3. Know what two main factors have contributed to the increase in length of life in much of the world. 4. Know the three major public health achievements that have contributed to improved longevity. 1
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5. Know four characteristics of chronic diseases. 6. Know what three principal lifestyle behaviors have significant impacts on the burden of chronic disease. From Chapter 16: Tropical diseases 1. Know about Several Tropical diseases Can be eliminated in the new century 2. Know about Several Tropical diseases need additional research 3. What Dracunculiasis medinensis is and what it cause 4. What Caused Cholera, Diarrheal disease. 5.
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HP 400 Fall 09 - Final exam study guide, HP 400, Fall 2009...

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