EASC Midterm Review

EASC Midterm Review - o Protagonists 2 amoral individuals...

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EASC Midterm Review Bring a blue book Blind Shaft - Earlier Films (early 50’s) o Films show optimism, anticipation o Evil nationalists - Post Socialist Era (today) o New film makers Focus on less positive aspects of reform o Optimism replaced by alienation from the state Realistic o Director: Li Ziyang Not Chinese citizen Made illegally o Not allowed to be released theatrically Straight to DVD Censors cut out scenes o Sex scene in brothel o Karaoke cut out song socialism is good Satirical version o State has to be bypassed by individuals in order to succeed Threaten to use power of state as bluff
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Message: officials governing are more corrupt than the most corrupt individuals Only amoral and individual behavior can lead to success o Only innocent are going to suffer
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Unformatted text preview: o Protagonists: 2 amoral individuals interested in self success Operate a scam Commit murder of mine shaft owner • Demand compensation for death of owner • Pretend to be relatives Don’t confuse Great Leap Forward (1958) and Cultural Revolution Mao’s Objective during Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)-Red guards-Get rid of capitalist thought and communism in-Get rid of rightists ID’s 3 examples from any source Identify the term (who, what, when, where, why) Essays 3-5 minimum Always questions on Mao Always questions on youth Tiananmen, Young and Restless and Materialism, nationalism and internationalism Always questions on Levy & Moulder, Nova and Inventing Japan articles 3, 10, 11, 12, 34...
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EASC Midterm Review - o Protagonists 2 amoral individuals...

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