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EASC 150g--Midterm Study Guide 1. Differences between the Chinese and Japanese images or stereotypes that were shown in the TV episodes in class In Misunderstanding China, CBS reports on the common pictures of China on the eve of Nixon`s visit. For the most part, viewers were reminded of the typical Chinese pictures: evil, sneaky, dark and underhanded group of people always lurking in the background ready to strike poor unsuspecting victims. The Chinese have ingenious methods of torture and have usually been portrayed as the bad characters on American film. We assume China has the same agenda and want the same things as the US We wanted to go in and change the culture and religion In the 1970s we didn`t want to have an understanding of China Simpson`s go to China, they have tons of babies one-child policy Communist government always spying Dragons flying by the airplane knock at culture From the Simpson`s episode, the Japanese culture is shown to accept the humiliation or show the struggle of others as an acceptable form of entertainment, based on the game show the Simpson`s participate in on the show. This makes the Japanese culture seem insensitive to social ethics. The Japanese are shown as Anti-American and Imperialistic in the South Park episode because throughout the whole episode, the main goal of the Japanese government officials is to control the US and take over. Also from the Simpson`s episode and the South Park episode, the Japanese are viewed as very simple-minded people. In the Simpson`s, the crowd is easily entertained by the game show despite the nature of it, and the seizure-robots cartoon on TV, show that the Japanese population are easily entertained by anything flashy or popular. From South Park and another episode about the Japanese invasion of the US, we learn the Americans are very suspicious of the Japanese`s intentions. Americans tend to believe that the Japanese have something up their sleeves--an ulterior motive as evidences with the Japanese company production of Chinpoko Mon toys in South Park. Also many American business owners (like that blond woman who owned her own company) refused to do business with the Japanese simply because they were stealing business away from Americans and the Japanese were portrayed as a threat to health of the American economy. And the Japanese men are supposed to have small penises. 12 From the Simpson`s, we learn that the Japanese have a strong educational culture as they poke fun at educational victims of America. As Marge points out, the Japanese like to make all things more compact and efficient than they already are. This also signals that the Japanese are at the forefront of technology, spitting out new advances all the time. Of lesser significance is the Japanese obsession with the toilet (even the toilet is polite). From the time that Homer and Bart spend in the jail cell, we see that the Japanese really have a light version of punishment--as though jail was really a time for meditation for the both of them. Explored in both the Simpson`s and
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easc study guide - EASC 150g-Midterm Study Guide 1...

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