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MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE FALL 2009 EAST ASIAN SOCIETIES 150g INSTRUCTOR: STANLEY ROSEN – TEACHING ASSISTANTS: JENNIFER CHAU, SEUNG JI NAM, XING YI, QINGHUA LI, AND LINDSEY RAMON PLANNED DATE OF THE MIDTERM [THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2009] {PLEASE BRING BLUE BOOKS OF EITHER SIZE TO THE EXAM; WE WILL COLLECT YOUR BLUEBOOKS AND GIVE YOU OUR STAMPED BLUEBOOKS} A. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MIDTERM 1. Readings a. Marion Levy, "Contrasting Factors in the Modernization of China and Japan," in Simon Smith Kuznets , Economic Growth: Brazil, India, Japan, pp. 496-536. b. Frances V. Moulder, "Comparing Japan and China: Some Theoretical and Methodological Issues," in Alvin D. Coox and Hilary Conroy, China and Japan: The Search for Balance Since World War I, pp. 85-111. c. Jung Chang, Wild Swans (all) d. Sheridan Prasso, The Asian Mystique {Concentrate on the material on China, Japan and Korea} e. Zhiqun Zhu, ed., China, Thirteenth Edition , pp. 4-46, 95-185 f. Ian Buruma, Inventing Japan: 1853-1964, pp. 1-128 2. Class Handouts a. Lecture Sheet: "Modernization in China and Japan: Traditional Society [Levy] vs. World Economy [Moulder] Approaches b. Outline of Lecture on Reasons for Communist (CCP) Victory over the Nationalists c. Japanese, Korean (and some Chinese) Images in Film and TV d. NYT articles “Japan and China: National Character Writ Large” and “Godzilla vs. the Giant Scissors” (two sides of the same sheet of paper) e. Names of Chinese Leaders Who Appear in the Documentary “ The Mao Years f. “Changing Values of Chinese Youth and the Rise of Materialism and the Middle Class in China” (Outline of Rosen lecture) 3. Videos a. Misunderstanding China ” (CBS Reports, Irv Drasnin and Charles Kuralt, 1972, 52 minutes) b. The Simpsons: Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo " (FOX, May 16, 1999) c. The Simpsons: “Goo Goo Gai Pan ” (FOX, March 13, 2005) d. South Park: Chinpoko Mon ” (Warner Brothers, November 3, 1999) e. King of the Hill: Westie Side Story ” (FOX, March 2, 1997) f. Saturday Night Live: Japanese Game Show ” (NBC) g. “Japanese, Korean (and some Chinese) Images in Film and TV” (38 film and TV clips) h. " The Genius That Was China " (60 minutes, Nova, part 2: Empires in Collision) i. " The Genius That Was China " (60 minutes, Nova, part 3: The Threat from Japan) j. " River Elegy " (33 minutes, Central Chinese Television, China, 1988) k. Wild Swans ” (Filmmakers’ Library, 56 minutes) l. " The Mao Years Part I, 1949-1960" (PBS, 1994) [Sue Williams, director] m. The Mao Years Part 2, 1960-1976” (PBS, 1994) [Sue Williams, director] 1
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n. " The Gate of Heavenly Peace " (Carma Hinton and Richard Gordon, directors, 190 minutes, USA, 1996) [Shown over two periods, October 6 and 8] o. Young and Restless in China ” (Sue Williams, U.S., PBS, 2008, 104 minutes) p. Please Vote for Me ” (Chen Weijun, director, PBS, 2007, 58 minutes) [PLEASE NOTE : THE SYLLABUS INCLUDES “ CHINA BLUE ,” BUT SINCE THE DIRECTOR OF THAT DOCUMENTARY WILL BE SPEAKING AT USC AND SHOWING
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