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international instruments

international instruments - International Instruments...

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International Instruments Corporation 1 BACKGROUND International Instruments Corporation (IIC) is a mid-sized manufacturer of electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, and gas / liquid chromatographs used in academic and industrial research analytical labs. Although the three divisions selling this equipment had traditionally operated in relative autonomy, the company’s customers began to demand linking the analytical capabilities of many of these instruments through software. This required more coordination in product development across product lines than in the past, to ensure that features and interfaces are compatible, and upgrades introduced in a coordinated way. As a result, the company was working to exert a greater degree of central control over new product decision-making than in the past. One day the firm’s CEO, Jeff Jefferson, attended a seminar on strategic project management and project portfolio management. The seminar was designed to aid executives responsible for managing new product development. Jefferson was impressed that these concepts were targeted at exactly the sorts of challenges faced by IIC. He decided to arrange for the seminar instructors to lead his senior management team through a short in-house course. At the conclusion of the course the executives unanimously
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