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CSCI 120 Introduction to Computation Homework 1 Due 02/05/09 Saad Mneimneh Visiting Professor Hunter College of CUNY PART 1: Using Microsoft Word and Learning new things Choose to do either (a) or (b). (a) Describe an algorithm for a problem of your choice. This algorithm may be related to your field of studies or profession. It can also be the result of a search you do on the internet. In any case, provide the following: A precise statement describing how the algorithm works and the problem it solves or the task it achieves. The input to the algorithm The output of the algorithm A number of applications where this algorithm might be useful (b) Do some research on an important figure in the field of computer science (or related fields such as math, phylosophy, physics, chemistry, wow everything
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Unformatted text preview: is related!). Provide the following if possible: Biography, name, place of birth, etc. .. Something about the personality or some fun stories The contribution(s) that gure made to the eld Your own view on how important those contributions are Whether you choose to do (a) or (b), use Microsoft Word (part of the Mi-crosoft Oce aka MSBS) to write up the description as explained above. Use the drawing toolbar in MS Word as I showed you in class to add visual illustra-tions to your text. PART 2: Your opinion Do you think a day will come when everything we do is by computers? Are there things that computers cannot do or should not do? How far can we go? Write a paragraph or two on that issue (I always like what students have to say about this)....
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