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Discussion Question #1 CRT/205 Week 8 Assignment Describe a time when your moral values influenced the way you responded to an issue. What differences did you notice between your logical reasoning process and your moral reasoning process? What were the possible consequences or outcomes of your decision? Answer Last year, I was promoted to a Lead position for the Houston division. My new team consisted of my colleagues I used to work with, now they reported directly to me. I had worked alongside this great team for 5 years and most of us have become good friends; our friendship extended outside of the business relationship, to the point we have taken a couple trips together. My company, despite the weak economy, tried to hold on to their employees as long as they could until there was no choice but to start downsizing. As sales grew lower and lower, my team noticed I was constantly behind closed doors, they knew something was going on. I was faced with a horrible decision; I needed to
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