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Discussion Question #1 CRT/205 Week 4 Assignment Revisit the PowerPoint ® Presentation section of the McGraw-Hill companion Web site at http://www.mhhe.com/criticalthinking8 for Ch. 4. Examine the examples of rhetorical devices and choose one that either makes an emotional impact on you or sparks your interest. Copy and paste the example into the body of a forum message and include your response to the following question: Why does the example affect you, and what is the statement’s persuasive motive? Comment on the examples provided by your classmates by stating whether and why their examples affect you. Answer I believe boredom helps initiate gossip but I do not think it is the underlying
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Unformatted text preview: reason that people gossip. I think people gossip because they are both jealous of the other person they gossip about and insecure in themselves, so they try to put attention on others. I also think curiosity plays a part in this. I think gossip is rude and shows a lack of self respect as well as a lack of respect for others. I think we should think before we speak and consider the feelings of everyone that our words will affect. Once we start something, it is hard to stop and it may be too late not to hurt someone else's feelings....
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