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Unit: Tennis Grade: 5-6 Drill/Activity Focus: Backhand ground stroke # of students per court : 6 Learning Objectives: 1. Students will be able to do a backhand stroke while using the proper technique 2. Students will be able to work with each other and correct each others mistakes 3. Students will be able to feel in a game like situation with this little competition Equipment: (list): 1 hopper per court filled with tennis balls or puff balls, 1 racquet for every student Name of Drill/Activity Time Teaching Cues Organization Comments/Reminders Pokémon evolution 15 minutes - Western grip (two hands) -start off with body square to the net -ready position -4 students will be lined up behind the service line -1 tosser/feeder with a retriever on the opposite side of the court -eyes on the ball -count how much you get in -students can use puff balls if they don’t feel comfortable with tennis balls Explanation of Activity: Students will have to use backhand strokes throughout this
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Unformatted text preview: activity and they would receive a feed from the feeder that will bounce in their service box and they would have to aim at different area of the court to go up the levels thus evolving themselves. The first level is charmander where they would have 8 attempts to get 4 backhand strokes within the singles court. Then there is charmeleon level where they would have to get it in the service box just in front of them (8 attempts) and the last level is charizard where they would have to get it in the doubles alley. Once they are successful then they are a Pokmon master. The students go behind the line after their 8 attempts (whether they succeeded or not) if they didnt succeed the next time around they get to retry at their current they cannot go down in levels. The two best players/Pokmon master now become the feeder and the retriever. Diagram of Activity :...
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