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Unit: Tennis Grade: 5-6 Drill/Activity Focus: Forehand ground stoke Number of students per court :6 Learning Objectives: 1. Students will be able to have the proper form and technique to perform a forehand ground stroke 2. Students will be able to work as a team to win the game and correct each others mistakes 3. Students will be able to show knowledge of the proper techniques to perform a forehand ground stroke and use it in a game situation Equipment: rackets, puff balls, tennis balls, net. Name of drill/activity Time Teaching cues Organization Comments/reminders Team rally 7minutes -Get behind the ball -follow through on opposite side 6 per court, 3 per side -Watch out for others -Can use tennis balls Forgot my racquet rally 8minutes -back swing with back turned to target -racquet moves from low to high (check mark) 6 per court, 3 per side Use only puff balls Explanation of Activity: For the first activity the students will be in teams of three and they
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Unformatted text preview: will have to rally to one another but there is only one person per team allowed on the court at once. Once the ball is hit the player runs off and the next player comes in. If this is too tough for some students then they could start on the court. They would also have to use only forehand, if a forehand is not at all possible then they can send it any which way they want without giving up a point to the other team. Opponents would have to try to give it to each other on their forehand side. The way a team gets a point is if their opponent misses their forehand. For the second activity the students will be doing the same activity but this time there is only one racquet for the whole team and they must pass it to each other. For this activity they will be using puff balls and can stand a little bit inside the court. Diagram of Activity:...
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