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MUS HIP HOP Study Rap Fusions Introduction: Not only did the number of different rap styles explode after the late 1980s, but rap began to exert great influence on other genres, as countless examples of gospel, to new jack swing, to jazz. Rap music has not only become one of popular genres of American music but also one of the most influential. Acid Rap: One of the most popular rap fusion genres to emerge in the 1990s was acid rap, a merger of rap and heavy metal. Connection can be traced back to Run DMC’s use of heavy metal guitar in the 1980s and Ice T’s heavy metal band Body Count. Songs by Eeshum forged a new style by introducing explicitly gory lyrics to rap music and blended rap with timbres and beats from heavy metal. Other groups to perform in this style: Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, and Korn. It’s important to know the term acid rap is also used in reference to underground hip hop styles that use very slow beats and drug related lyrics. The two styles are actually quite different but have the same name. Acid Jazz:
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