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Unit: Badminton Grade: 2-5 Drill/Activity Focus: Serving Number of students per court :6 Learning Objectives: 1. Students will be able to perform an underhand serve to another student 2. Students will be able to work in partners to and see how from far they can serve to each other 3. Students will be able to show knowledge of how much force needed to serve from various distances Equipment: rackets, balloons, birdies, net. Name of drill/activity Time Teaching cues Organization Comments/reminders Serving for different distances 7minutes Twist body slightly 3 groups of 2 per court Make sure students/groups are evenly spaced Serving for different distances 8minutes Follow through
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Unformatted text preview: 3 groups of 2 per court When they feel comfortable enough with the underhand serve then they can use the backhand serve Explanation of Activity: For the first activity the students will be using a balloon, especially for the younger students. They will try to serve the balloon to their partner, their partner can catch it but they cannot take a step. When they have succeeded at this distance then they can take a step back and repeat. For the second activity the students will be using a birdie, once they have reached a considerable distance they can try the backhand serve if they feel comfortable. Diagram of Activity:...
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