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warmupten2 - In groups of 8 Can use puff balls or tennis...

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Unit: Tennis Grade: 5-6 Drill/activity focus: Warmup Number of students per court: 8 Learning Objectives: 1. Students will be able to build up their skills in the sport of tennis 2. Students will be able to work with others to improve their techniques and discover new tactics 3. Students will understand how to manipulate the ball after reception for a return Equipment: tennis balls, puff balls, racquets Name of activity Time Teaching cues Organization Comments/reminders Pass it here! 7 minutes -communicate -light passes -get behind the ball 8 per court, in partners Can use puff balls or tennis balls Star passing 8 minutes -call the person who you are passing too. -expect the pass (ready position)
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Unformatted text preview: In groups of 8 Can use puff balls or tennis balls Explanation of activity: For the first activity the students will be with a partner where they must pass the ball back and forth to each other, if they use a puff ball they have to try not to make it hit the floor. If they use tennis balls then they are allowed to make it bounce once. For the second activity the students will be in groups of 8 and set up in a circle formation where A would pass to B then to C then D, the return pass would have to the person on the left of whom they received it from. To make it a little tougher the students can use two puff balls. Diagram:...
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