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Unit: Badminton Grade: 3-6 Drill/activity focus: Warmup Number of students per court: 4 Learning Objectives: 1. Students will be able to get their heart rates up through fun games and activities 2. Students will be able to work with others during the warm up activities 3. Students will be able to understand how to warm up their legs and arms while getting their heart rates up Equipment: Foam spaghetti, polyspots Name of activity Time Teaching cues Organization Comments/reminders Swat 7 minutes -Be ready -Start behind the line 3 per court Done from end to end of badminton court Traffic lights 8minutes -Be attentive -Watch out for others scattered Explanation of activity: For the first activity the students will be in groups of three. Two students will be standing just behind the line outside of the badminton court. The other student has a foam spaghetti and he would tap the leg of one of the other two students and he has to run
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Unformatted text preview: towards the other end of the court and try to make it past the singles long service line before he gets caught from the other person he tagged. If he is tagged then the other person is the swatter/runner. If he is not tagged then he does the same thing again. The swatter is encouraged to trick his opponents by not being predictable and making swift movements. This teaches the students to always be ready. For the second activity the students are spread out in the gym and the teacher is showing and saying a color, either green, yellow or red (polyspots). Green means they have to run as fast possible, yellow means light jog and red is stop and go. If the teacher says red after saying green the students would stop on the dime in ready position then continue running as fast as possible. Diagram:...
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