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warmupbad2 - -Eye on the birdie-keep your racquet up 4 per...

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Unit: Badminton Grade: 3-6 Drill/activity focus: Warmup Number of students per court: 4 Learning Objectives: 1. Students will be able to get their legs and arms warmed up by doing certain sequences 2. Students will be able to work with others during the warm up 3. Students will be able to understand how to warm up their legs and arms while getting their heart rates up Equipment: birdies, balloons, racquets, net Name of activity Time Teaching cues Organization Comments/reminders Remember the shots lyrics! 15 minutes -Ready position
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Unformatted text preview: -Eye on the birdie-keep your racquet up 4 per court Can use a birdie or balloon Explanation of activity: For this activity the students must remember a sequence, it is clear, smash, clear, drop, clear, then repeat again from clear so the other person gets a chance to do different types of shots. There will be two pair of partners per court. The low grades can use a balloon and hit it with their hands. Students are encourage to sing the type of shots that they are doing. Diagram:...
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