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TURN OVER WHEN INSTRUCTED 2009 © King’s College London King’s College London U NIVERSITY OF L ONDON This paper is part of an examination of the College counting towards the award of a degree. Examinations are governed by the College Regulations under the authority of the Academic Board. MSc EXAMINATION 7CEMM708 Biologically Inspired Methods Period 2 (May 2009) TIME ALLOWED: THREE HOURS ANSWER QUESTION 1 AND ANY OTHER THREE QUESTIONS. YOU ARE RECOMMENDED TO SPEND 3 HOURS ON QUESTIONS. ANSWER EACH QUESTION IN A SEPARATE ANSWER BOOK AND WRITE ITS NUMBER ON THE COVER. CALCULATORS MAY BE USED. THE FOLLOWING MODELS ARE PERMITTED: Casio fx83 Casio fx85 . DO NOT REMOVE THIS PAPER FROM THE EXAMINATION ROOM
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7CEMM708 1. Question One (Compulsory) a) Genetic algorithms, ant colony and particle swarm optimisation have been successfully used to solve some complex optimisation problems that traditional methods fail. a.1) What are the limitations of traditional optimisation methods? (2 marks) a.2) What are the features of these biologically inspired methods? (3 marks) b) In genetic algorithms, rank weighting and cost weighting methods are normally used to select parents into the mating pool. b.1) Briefly explain how each method works. (3 marks) b.2) How will different methods affect the selection results? (2 marks) c) Gray code is a useful method in binary genetic algorithm to speed up convergence. c.1) Draw a diagram to show how to encode and decode a Gray code using a 5-bit chromosome. (4 marks) c.2) Explain why it may improve convergence. (2 marks) d) In ant colony optimisation, the concept of pheromone evaporation is normally used. d.1) Explain how to implement pheromone evaporation. (2 marks) d.2) Why is this concept important? (3 marks) e) Inertia weight is an important control parameter in particle swarm optimisation. e.1) Explain the concept of inertia weight.
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Exam_7CEMM708_052009 - K ings College London U NIVERSITY OF...

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