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Unformatted text preview: ATu tor ia lonV isua lServoC on tro l SethH u tch in son D epartm en to fE lectr ica landC om pu terEng ineer ing TheB eckm anIn st itu teforA dvancedSc ienceandT echno logy U n ivers ityo fIllino isatU rbana-Cham pa ign N .M athew sA venue U rbana ,IL Em a il:seth@ u iuc .edu G regH ager D epartm en to fC om pu terSc ience Y a leU n ivers ity N ewH aven ,CT- Phone :- Em a il:hager@ cs .ya le .edu P eterC orke CS IROD iv is iono fM anu factu r ingT echno logy P .O .B ox , K enm ore .A u stra lia , . p ic@ b rb .dm t .cs iro .au M ay, A b stract T h ispaperprov idesatu tor ia lin troduc tiontov isua lservocon tro lo frobo ticm an ipu la tors. S incethetop icspan sm anyd isc ip linesourgoa lislim itedtoprov id ingabasicconcep tua lfram e- w ork .W ebeg inbyrev iew ingtheprerequ isitetop icsfrom robo ticsandcom pu terv ision ,inc lud ing abr ie frev iewo fcoord ina tetran sform a tion s,ve loc ityrepresen ta tion ,andadescr ip tiono fthe geom e tr icaspec tso ftheim ageform a tionprocess.W ethenpresen tat axonom yo fv isua lservo con tro lsystem s.T hetw om a jorc lasseso fsystem s,position-basedandim age-basedsystem s,are thend iscussed .S inceanyv isua lservosystemm ustbecapab leo ftrack ingim agefea turesina sequenceo fim ages,w einc ludeanoverv iewo ffea ture-basedandcorre la tion-basedm e thodsfor track ing .W econc ludethetu tor ia lw ithanum bero fobserva tion sonthecurren td irec tion so f theresearche ldo fv isua lservocon tro l. In troduct ion T odaythereareover , robots inthew or ld ,m ost lyw ork ing in factoryenv ironm en ts .T h is popu lat ioncon t inuestogrow ,bu trobotsareexc ludedfromm anyapp licat ionareasw herethe w orkenv irom en tandob jectp lacem en tcannotbeaccu rate lycon tro lled .T h islim itat ion isdue totheinheren tlacko fsen sorycapab ility incon tem porycomm erc ia lrobotsy stem s .Ithaslong beenrecogn izedthatsen sorin tegrat ion isfundam en ta lto increas ingtheversat ilityandapp licat ion dom a ino frobotsbu ttodateth ishasnotp rovencosteect iveforthebu lko frobot icapp licat ion s w h ichareinm anu factu r ing .T he`new fron t ier 'o frobot ics ,w h ich isoperat ion intheeveryday w or ld ,p rov idesnew im petu sforth isresearch .U n likethem anu factu r ingapp licat ion ,itw illnotbe costeect ivetore-eng ineer`ou rw or ld 'tosu ittherobot . V is ion isau se fu lrobot icsen sors inceitm im icsthehum ansen seo fv is ionanda llow sfornon- con tactm easu rem en to ftheenv ironm en t .S incethesem ina lw orko fSh ira iandInoue(w ho descr ibehowav isua lfeedback loopcanbeu sedtocorrectthepos it iono farobotto increase taskaccu racy ) ,con s iderab leeorthasbeendevotedtothev isua lcon tro lo frobotm an ipu lators . R obotcon tro llersw ith fu lly in tegratedv is ionsy stem sarenowava ilab lefrom anum bero fvendors . T yp ica llyv isua lsen s ingandm an ipu lat ionarecom b ined inanopen-loopfash ion ,`look ing 'then `m ov ing '.T heaccu racyo ftheresu lt ingoperat iondepend sd irect lyontheaccu racyo fthev isua l sen sorandtherobotend...
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2010 for the course CS 123 taught by Professor Darghooz during the Spring '10 term at Albion College.

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