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Unformatted text preview: DM od e lsfromO cc lud ingC on tou rsu s ingG eom etr icP r im it ives M o rtenB ro-N ie lsen In st itu teo fM a th em a t ica lS ta t ist icsandO p era t ion sR esea rch (IM SOR ) T h eT echn ica lU n ivers ityo fD enm a rk(DTH ) S ep tem b er, A b stract T h ispap erp ropo sesan ewm ethod fo rgen era t ingcom- p leteDm od e lso fcom p lexob jectsu s ingth eocc lud ing con tou randp ersp ect ivep ro ject ion .U s ingaknow nm o- t iona round th eob ject ,su cha sanep ipo la rm ovem en t , th eocc lud ingcon tou risreg istered from anum b ero f v iew po in ts .W h en th eocc lud ingbounda r iesfrom d ier- en tv iew po in tsa rep ro jected in tospaceth eyd eterm in e anen c lo s ingvo lum e fo rth eob ject .T h econ tr ibu t iono f th ispap erisan ewm ethod fo rgen era t ingapo lygona l Dm od e lsu r faced irect ly from th ep ro jectedocc lud- ingbounda r ies .Ap ro jectedocc lud ingcon tou risrep- resen tedbytr iang les .Q uad rang les ,tha ta resubpa rts o fth etr iang les ,a reex tracted toapp rox im a teth eshap e o fth eob ject .T h e im po rtan td ieren ceo fth ism ethod com pa red top rev iou s lypub lish ed s im ila rapp roach esis tha t itp rodu cesapo lygona lsu r faced irect lyw ithno in- term ed ia testep ssu cha savoxe lrep resen ta t ion .B ya s- sum ingo rthogona lin steado fp ersp ect ivep ro ject ionand ep ipo la rm ovem en to fth ecam era ,as im p lerm ethod is a lsod er ivedtha tu sesD lin esinp lan esin steado fD tr iang lesinspace .F ina llytex tu rem app ing isd em on- stra ted . In trodu ct ion N um erou sm ethod sfo racqu ir ingDm od e lso frea lob- jectshaveb eenp ropo sedand im p lem en ted inth e la st d ecad e .T h esem ethod scan rough lyb ed iv id ed in totw o d ist in ctg roup sba sedonw h eth erth eyacqu ireD shap e in fo rm a t ionu s inganact iveo rapa ss ivesen so r .A ct ive sen so rsu sesom e fo rm o frad ia t ion togen era teare ec- t ion from th eob jectsu r facew h ich isu sed tod eterm in e shap epa ram eters .Su rvey so fd ieren tact ivem ethod s a reg iven in and .P a ss ivesen so rsu se im ageso f th eob jectstod eterm in eth eshap eu s ingava r ietyo f shap e from ...m ethod s . T h isw o rkw a sca rr iedou tdu r ingam on thp er iod ,w h en th eau tho rw a satra in eea tth eK an sa iR esea rchLabo ra to ryo f T o sh ibaC o rpo ra t ion inJapan . G en era lly ,act ivesen so rsg iveth eb estresu ltsand m o stcomm erc ia llyava ilab lesy stem sa lsoem p loyth ese . B u tact ivesen so rsa reexp en s iveanda reno tp ract ica lfo r w id esp readu see .g .a sm u lt i-m ed iacom pon en ts .M u ch w o rk isth ere fo re focu ss ingond eve lop ingpa ss ivem eth- od sfo racqu ir ingDm od e ls .O n eo fth em anyshap e from ...m ethod stha ta re invest iga ted fo rth ispu rpo se isshap e from th eocc lud ingcon tou r . T h eocc lud ingcon tou r(o rocc lud ingcon tou r ,s ilhou- ette ,p ro le ,appa ren tcon tou r)isth ep ro ject iono fth e ex trem a lbounda ry(o rcon tou rgen era to r ,r im )o fth e ob jecton toth e...
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2010 for the course CS 123 taught by Professor Darghooz during the Spring '10 term at Albion College.

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