- C lu ster ingA ppearanceso fDO b jects R...

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Unformatted text preview: C lu ster ingA ppearanceso fDO b jects R onenB asr i D anR oth D av idJacob s D ep t .o fA pp liedM ath . D ep t .o fC om pu terSc ienceNECR esearchIn st itu te TheW e izm annIn st .o fSc ience U n ivers ityo fIllino is IndependenceW ay R ehovot , , Israe l U rbana ,IL P r inceton ,N J A b stract W ein troduceam e thodforun superv isedc luster ing o fim ageso fDob jec ts.O urm e thodexam inesthe spaceo fa llim agesandpartition stheim agesin tose ts tha tform sm oo thandpara lle lsur facesinth isspace . Itfurtherusessequenceso fim agestoob ta inm orere- liab lec luster ing .F ina lly ,sinceourm e thodre lieson anon-Euc lideansim ilar itym easurew ein troducea lge- bra ictechn iquestoestim a ting loca lpropertieso fthese sur facesw ithou trstem bedd ingtheim agesinaEu- c lideanspace .W edem on stra teourm e thodbyapp ly- ingittoa largeda tabaseo fim ages. In troduct ion P ercep tua lcategor izat ion isoneo fthem ostin tr igu- ingp rob lem sincom pu terv is ion .O neo fthefunda- m en ta lquest ion sincategor izat ion iswhatp rocesscan cau senatu ra lc lasseso fob jectstoem ergefrom aset o fun labe led im ages .Inanattem p ttop rov ideanan- sw ertoth isquest ionw ein troducebe lowasy stem that beg in sw itha largenum bero fun labe led im ages(orse- quenceso fim ages)o fD ob jectsandattem p tstoc lu s- tertheim agesaccord ingtotheshapeo ftheob jects . C lu ster ing im agesisim portan tifw ew ishtoau tom at- ica llycon structm ode lso fbothc lassesand ind iv idua l ob jects .Inadd it ion ,itm ayp rov idein s igh tin tothe w ayob jectcategor izat ion isim p lem en ted inthehu- m anv isua lsy stem . W henw etrytoc lu sterob jectsbycom par ingthe ir appearancesw em u sttakein toaccoun ttw op rob lem s . F irst ,whenw ecom paretw o im ageso ftw os im ilarob- jectsw em ayndthattheim agesareveryd ierent from eachotherbecau sethetw o im agesaretakenun- derveryd ierentv iew ingcond it ion s .L ikew ise ,when w ecom paretw o im ageso ftw od ierentob jectsw em ay ndthatduetothelosso fin form at ionw ithp ro jec- t iontheim agesareverys im ilartooneanother .C on- sequen t ly ,itiso ftend icu lttodeterm inewhetherthe s im ilar itym easu redbetw eenpa irso fim agesind icates s im ilarre lat ion sh ip sbetw eentheob jects ,orwhether itism ere lyanart ifacto fv iew ingcond it ion s . O neposs ib lew aytoc ircum ven tth isp rob lem isby com par ingalargeseto fim ages .W henw ecom pare Th isresearchw assupported inpartbyagran tfrom the Israe lSc ienceF oundat ionN o . /.Thev is iongroupatthe W e izm annIn st .issupported inpartbytheIsrae liM in istry o fSc ience ,G ran tN o . . R onenB asr iisan incum ben to f A ryeD issen tsh ikC areerD eve lopm en tCha irattheW e izm ann In st itu te . m anypa irso fim ageso fob jectsw em ayexpectthat thes im ilar it iesbetw eentheob jectsw illbere ected inthere lat ion sh ip sbetw eenthe irsetso fim ages .O u r task ,there fore ,istondeect ivew ay stoin ferthe s im ilar it iesbetw eenob jectsfrom theco llect ives im i- lar it iesbetw...
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2010 for the course CS 123 taught by Professor Darghooz during the Spring '10 term at Albion College.

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