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hw3 (2) - x = L If U o = 0.5 eV and L = 2 nm make a plot of...

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EE 439 — Fall 2009 HW problem 43 Name(s) __________________________________. Due: Oct. 7, 2009 Please put your answers on this sheet. Staple additional work behind. Be sure to include all your work. An electron with energy E is passing over the top of a finite-height quantum well, i.e. E > U o . Calculate expressions for the reflection at x = 0 and the transmission past
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Unformatted text preview: x = L. If U o = 0.5 eV, and L = 2 nm, make a plot of the transmission probability as function of E , letting E range from from 0.6 eV to 5 eV. Note that for certain values of k 2 L , the transmission is 1 (or alternatively there is no reflection). ( k 2 is the wave number in the well region.) Provide a qualitative explanation for this resonance condition....
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