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Unformatted text preview: P ROBLEM SET 4 Complex Variables MAT334 due in class on Friday, February 6. Remark: Please try to write clearly. In particular every statement that you make in your solution should follow from the assumptions of the problem, some of the material that was a prerequisite for the course (high-school algebra, calculus), was done in class, or some of the statements that you have already established in your solution. If you are using some of the theorems that have a name, mention that (e.g. ”By Mean Value Theorem...”). 1. Let the values of where and that make and an entire function and compute 2. Sec 2.1 problem 15 3. Sec 2.1 problem 16 4. Sec. 2.1 problem 20 parts (b) and (d). Recall that 6. Determine the set of all points on which the function Log f 5. Let be a harmonic function on . Show that G CPIH D ¥ # A ¥ ) 5 ¡   [email protected]! 4321© . . is entire. is analytic. #I pi¡ 0f § !a f h  a d ` ¥ a X) ¡ V T R e(e¨cb2` YW 9USQ A ) & ¥ # ¡   0 ('%$"! £ )g 5 F$& ©¨¦¤¢ §¥£¡ . Determine ...
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