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FLOWLAB SOLUTION 8.138 Use the pipe_el FlowLab template to investigate how the Reynolds number affects the entrance region of a pipe flow. Alter the Reynolds number of the problem by varying the fluid properties and the inlet velocity, U . Obtain data for Re = 100, 500, and 1000. Demonstrate that the selected pipe diameter, D , and pipe length, l , are adequate for studying entrance region flows ( hint: the pipe exit should be a sufficient distance downstream of the anticipated end of the entrance region ). Plot the static pressure along the pipe for each of the Reynolds number cases and calculate the increased pressure drop in the entrance region of the pipe. Determine the entrance length, l e , from your calculations and compare them with those given in Equation 8.1 by plotting l e / D as a function of Re. Provide several conclusion statements from this investigation. Problem Setup If the pipe diameter is held constant, the case with the highest Re value will produce the largest entrance length. Therefore, for Re = 1000 and D = 0.2 m, the predicted entrance length is 12 m. For this problem, the resulting pipe geometry to be used is D = 0.2 m and L = 30 m. The Reynolds number was varied by changing the inlet velocity of the Boundary Conditions in the Physics section of the problem setup. The student could also change fluid properties (density and viscosity) under the Materials section. The flow was set to Laminar with no Heat Transfer. A medium grid density was used for the three Reynolds number simulations for this
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p8.138_solution - FLOWLAB SOLUTION 8.138 Use the pipe_el...

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