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9.122 (Note: This problem requires running the unsteady portion of FlowLab . It therefore requires more time and computer resources than other FlowLab problems.) Use the same template as in Problem 9.121 to make a comparison between the predicted and the theoretical drag coefficient, C D , for flow past a cylinder. Set the physics of FlowLab to allow for viscous flow and run simulations for Reynolds numbers of Re = 50 and Re = 200. Note: for Re > 40, it is advised to use the unsteady flow solver. It is also advisable to use 50 iterations per time step and the default convergence limit for these unsteady calculations. FlowLab provides default values for the number of time steps and the time step size. Compare your computed drag coefficients to the values obtained from Eqn. (2) of Example 9.9. Also comment on the trend of the drag coefficient as the Reynolds number is increased. Warning: the simulations outlined below take considerably more computer time than other FlowLab problems in the text. On a typical PC, a simulation for one Reynolds number case may take up to ½ hour or more, depending on the specific computer used. Caution is also needed in the output of results. Since these problems are unsteady in nature, FlowLab will output data at a specified frequency. See below for more details. Problem Setup The default cylinder radius was used for this problem: For the Reynolds number values of this problem, the Laminar condition was selected for the viscous simulation. For Re > 40, it is advised to use the unsteady flow solver, as shown below. For this simulation, the Boundary Condition and Materials were altered to give Re = 50
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p9.122_solution - FLOWLAB SOLUTION 9.122 (Note: This...

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