p9.123_solution - FLOWLAB SOLUTION 9.123 (Note: This...

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FLOWLAB SOLUTION 9.123 (Note: This problem requires running the unsteady portion of FlowLab. It therefore requires more time and computer resources than other FlowLab problems.) Investigate the unsteady nature of flow past a cylinder by using FlowLab with the cylinder template. Run simulations for Reynolds numbers of Re = 10 (steady) and Re = 200 (default convergence limit, and fine grid resolution). Plot velocity contours for both cases. For the unsteady case, select a time to show a snap-shot of the velocity. The time-dependent vortex shedding for the Re = 200 case can be animated in FlowLab for visualization of this unsteady flow phenomenon. See the FlowLab User’s Guide for details. Warning: the simulations outlined below take considerably more computer time than other FlowLab problems in the text. On a typical PC, a simulation for one Reynolds number case may take up to ½ hour or more, depending on the specific computer used. Caution is also needed in the output of results. Since these problems are unsteady in nature, FlowLab will output data at a specified frequency. See below for more details. Problem Setup The default cylinder radius was used for this problem: Given the Reynolds number range, the Laminar condition was selected for the viscous
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p9.123_solution - FLOWLAB SOLUTION 9.123 (Note: This...

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