Facebook Activity - 1 IST 331 Homework 1 Michael Kerr...

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1 IST 331 Homework 1 Michael Kerr Junior, College of IST Penn State University Mjk5051@psu.edu 28 th January, 2007 A) Two good and two bad points Good - You are able to manipulate your preferences to show certain actions more than others on your news feed. For example, you are able to decide if you would like to ‘show more’ or ‘show less’ about certain topics such as events, groups, relationships, photos, wall posts, etc. - The news feed is a quick and efficient way to find out what’s going on with your friends in your social network. As soon as you log on you get a quick one page run down telling you the information that you have selected in your preferences. Bad - The news feed shows up on everyone’s home page for everyone to see. Therefore, whenever you do something or change something to your profile, the ‘whole world’ (your friends) knows about it. This can be an invasion of privacy and may be against what people were anticipating Facebook to be like. For example, if my girlfriend and I broke up, everyone that I’m friends with would immediately read about this when they sign on. - Although you are able to manipulate your preferences, it is not very obvious where you have to go to do so. There is a small link that says ‘preferences’ in the upper right hand corner of the screen. However, with all the other links and news feeds it is difficult to notice. Therefore, there is a lot of news that you get daily that you do not care about. For example, unless you adjust your preferences, you will likely have multiple news
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2 lines about one of your friends becoming friends with somebody else.
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Facebook Activity - 1 IST 331 Homework 1 Michael Kerr...

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