F09W2HDPE_Relaxation.is_trelax - "Test...

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"Test Type","TensionRC" "Method Name","C:\Documents and Settings\ME111L-Feng Zhou\UNIT-1-POLYMER\ME-111L- Unit1- Stress Relaxation_HDPE.im_trelax" "Sample name","D:\Thom - Fall 2009\F09W2HDPE_Relaxation.is_trelax" "User","INSTRON" "Sample note 1","" "Sample note 2","" "Sample note 3","" "Geometry","Rectangular" "Specimen",1 "Specimen Name","HDPE" "Width",12.500000,"mm" "Thickness",6.290000,"mm" "Length of Reduced Section",52.770000,"mm" "Diameter",10.000000,"mm" "Inner diameter",8.000000,"mm" "Outer diameter",10.000000,"mm" "Wall thickness",1.000000,"mm" "Area",0.786250,"cm^2" "Linear density",100.000000,"tex" "Sled weight",10.000000,"N" "Loading span",10.000000,"mm" "Support span",100.000000,"mm" "Span ratio","2" "Fixture type","4-point" "Included" "Final width",12.600000,"mm" "Final thickness",6.350000,"mm" "Final length",53.000000,"mm" "Final diameter",10.000000,"mm" "Final Inner diameter",8.000000,"mm" "Final outer diameter",10.000000,"mm" "Final wall thickness",1.000000,"mm" "Final area",0.800100,"cm^2" "Final linear density",100.000000,"tex" "Custom text input 1","Undefined" "Custom text input 2","Undefined" "Custom text input 3","Undefined" "Custom text input 4","Undefined" "Custom text input 5","Undefined" "Custom text input 6","Undefined" "Custom text input 7","Undefined" "Custom text input 8","Undefined" "Custom text input 9","Undefined" "Custom text input 10","Undefined" "User","ME-111L-Student" "UT Austin","Mechanical Engineering" "Lab Name","M E 111L Unit 1 Polymers Stress Relaxation" "Temperature","" "Humidity","" "Lab Section","W 2pm" "Comment","" "Test date","02/22/02" "Custom text input 19","" "Custom text input 20","" "Custom number input 1",0.000000,"" "Custom number input 2",0.000000,"" "Custom number input 3",0.000000,"" "Custom number input 4",0.000000,""
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"Custom number input 5",0.000000,"" "Custom number input 6",0.000000,"" "Custom number input 7",0.000000,"" "Custom number input 8",0.000000,"" "Custom number input 9",0.000000,"" "Custom number input 10",0.000000,"" "Time sec","Extension mm","Strain 1 %","Strain 2 %","Load N","Tensile stress MPa","Cycle Count ","Total Cycle Count ","Repetitions Count ","Tensile extension mm","Tensile strain %","True strain %","Corrected Position mm","Tenacity gf/tex","Average strain %","Differential strain %","True stress Pa" 0,0,28.55733,4.070083,12.70529,0.1615935,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,12.95579,16.31371,24.48725,1 61593.5 0.5,0.3942254,28.54782,4.092805,681.2084,8.664018,0,0,0,0.3942254,0.7470634,0.74428 67,0.3942254,694.6393,16.32031,24.45502,8728744 1,0.8142041,28.54646,4.09795,1150.011,14.62653,0,0,0,0.8142041,1.54293,1.531148,0.8 142041,1172.684,16.32221,24.44851,1.48522e+007 1.5,1.23077,28.55016,4.086807,1481.621,18.84414,0,0,0,1.23077,2.332328,2.305545,1.2 3077,1510.833,16.31849,24.46336,1.928365e+007 2,1.647448,28.55681,4.09158,1717.827,21.84836,0,0,0,1.647448,3.12194,3.074199,1.647 448,1751.697,16.3242,24.46523,2.253045e+007 2.5,2.064165,28.56556,4.098791,1909.092,24.28097,0,0,0,2.064165,3.911625,3.83706,2.
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2010 for the course ME 111L taught by Professor Ciulik during the Spring '10 term at University of Texas.

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F09W2HDPE_Relaxation.is_trelax - "Test...

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