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See note re References Cited Zoology 328 2/09/10 Study Guide 4a Words to Know stapes (columella) – bone in ear axis- first bone in spine atlas – second bone in spine tetrapod- having digits arms and legs anapsid – no fenestrae ex. Turtles captorhinids synapsid – 1 pair of fenestrae no surviving reptiles diapsid - 2 pairs of fenestrae amniotes anamniotes carapace plastron cleidoic – shell surrounds amnion thecodont temporal fenestrae – holes in skull behind eyes monophyletic paraphyletic polyphyletic Taxonomic Groups and Names Be able to recognize or identify animals included in the various taxonomic groups. You should be able to name the 3 deuterostome phyla studied, the 3 chordate subphyla and the classes of vertebrates as we study them. Know the characteristics at each level. Below the class level, you need to know the names and characteristics of the different groups , but don’t worry about the rank (i.e. whether it is called a subclass, infraclass, division, order, etc. That is, you need to know that sharks and rays are Elasmobranchii. You need not remember that “Elasmobranchii” is an order.) In general, you should know the characteristics that separate each group from the others. For each organism, you should know all of the different levels of classification, in the correct order , i.e. how each group is nested. e.g. A salmon is (in order) a teleost, a neopterygian, an actinopterygian, in the Class Osteichthyes, Subphylum Vertebrata or Craniata, Phylum Chordata. It is also a gnathostome. In addition to the taxa named, be sure you are familiar with the informal names.
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studyguide4a_2010[1] - See note re References Cited Zoology...

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