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Here are some practice questions with answers. Many are from previous exams, and each was worth between 3 and 7 points, out of 100 total possible points. The multiple choice questions are worth only 3 points, while the longer questions are worth 7. So this would represent roughly 2/3 of an exam. You can expect 2 or 3 more questions like the longer question at the end. I will try to split points on the exam to correspond to the time spent in class + recitation + homework. So; what is evolution = 0.5 hours + 90 minute video + recitation + chapter 2 homework / HIV = 2 hours + recitation paper / Natural and artificial selection = 2 hours / tree thinking + homology + parsimony = 2 hours + homework + recitation / molecular phylogenetics = 2 hours + recitation. I don’t have space on the exam to keep it at one hour and cover everything, so you will inevitably study for something that is not on the exam, but I will keep the topics on the exam to a rough first approximation, to correspond to how much time was spent in the course on each topic. One definition of evolution is simply “change over time”. This is a very general definition that is not specific to biological, organic evolution. In response, increasingly specific definitions have been proposed. One example includes, “change in allele frequencies over
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Practice_questions - Here are some practice questions with...

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