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Exam_1_cheat_sheet - Homoplasy Synapomorphy Homology...

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Evolution Adaptation Intelligent design Creationism Transitionary fossil Methodological Naturalism naturalistic fallacy theory hypothesis fact HIV/AIDs Virion Viral particle Infectious Immune response DNA RNA Host CD4 Gp120 Reverse transcriptase Integrase Protease mRNA CCR5 Effector T cells Memory T cells Naïve T cells Viral load AZT CXCR4 or X4 Virulence Heritability Fitness Daphne Major Geospiza fortis Tribulus cistoides Compound interest Character displacement Pre-adaptation Ancestral derived Myostatin Clade Branch Node Tip
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Root Cladogenesis Anagenesis MRCA Most recent common ancestor Monophyletic Paraphyletic Polyphyletic Rooted Unrooted Character Character state Character polarity Parsimony
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Unformatted text preview: Homoplasy Synapomorphy Homology Exhaustive Heuristic Brach and Bound B&B Nearest neighbor interchange NNI Sub-tree Pruning and Re-grafting SPR Tree Bisection and Re-connection TBR Convergence Parallelism Reversal or reversion Hillclimbing Tree space Random addition sequence replicate Polytomy Strict consensus Majority rule or 50% rule consensus Bootstrap Instantaneous rate matrix Gamma distributed site classes Proportion of invariant sites Phylogram Felsentein zone Long branch attraction Likelihood Bayesian Posterior probability Data partitions Horizontal gene transfer Hybridization...
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Exam_1_cheat_sheet - Homoplasy Synapomorphy Homology...

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