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Zoology 328 Spring 2010 Study Guide # 8 Structural Support - Skeleton Words to Know chondrocytes chondroblasts collagen elastin fibers fibroblasts bone cartilage osteocyte canaliculi osteoblast osteoclast periosteum perichondrium dermal bone cartilage replacement bone endochondral bone osteon haversion system diaphysis epiphysis chondrocranium pre- and parachordal cartilages splanchnocranium pharyngeal arches mandibular arch hyoid arch palatoquadrate mandibular cartilage hyomandibula dermatocranium palatine processes of…premaxilla…. maxilla…. . palatine…. secondary palate dentary articular quadrate squamosal malleus incus stapes For the upcoming exam , concentrate on the new material but review names/classification/phylogeny learned earlier. These terms are the working vocabulary of comparative anatomy and you need to know “who’s who”. Review basic terms like synapomorphy, plesiomorphy, etc. - again, these are basic vocabulary terms. Also, go over material learned earlier that we are studying in more depth now – e.g., review the material on temporal fenestrae, on scales, etc. covered in the first third of the course as well as new material. It is important to know which animals display the traits that we are discussing now. Concepts, Functions, Relationships, Interpretations, etc. 1. Skeletal tissues develop primarily from mesoderm……Why is the evolution of mesoderm important? How does it form embryologically? What are some structures that form from it? What is a somite?
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studyguide8_2010_skeleton[1] - Zoology 328 Spring 2010...

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