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ZOL328 SS2010 Study Guide # 7 – Integument Words to Know epidermis stratum germinativum stratum corneum dermis stratum laxum stratum compactum collagen elastic fibers keratin basement membrane chromatophores melanophores (or –cytes) melanosome melanin iridophores xanthophores erythrophores dermal papilla odontoblasts dentine enamel enamel organ osteoderm gastralia arrector plumari arrector pili baleen Concepts, Functions, Relationships, Interpretations, etc. Why is the integument an important organ? Think of as many ways as you can. How does the integument help to regulate the temperature of an animal? How does it affect loss of water? How does each layer of the skin arise embryologically? In the skin, between which layers is the basement membrane found? Is it cellular or acellular? How are new epidermal cells produced? Where is keratin found? In what vertebrate groups is a stratum corneum present in the skin? In which group(S) is it lacking? Compare the epidermis of larval and adult amphibians. What coats the skin of fish? What are the major components of the dermis?
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studyguide7_2010_integ[1] - ZOL328 SS2010 Study Guide # 7...

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