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ZOL445 ‘Cheat Sheet’ of Terms and Concepts for Exam2 Non-synonymous Missense Nonsense Synonymous Noncoding Gene Conversion Inversion Translocation Unequal crossing over Gene duplication Transposition Aneuploid Polyploid Fluctuation test Mutation accumulation Molecular clock Mutation rate U = per genome per generation mutation rate Distribution of mutational effects As histogram As cumulative probability plot Indel Allele Locus Genotype Homozygote Heterozygote Polymorphism Allele frequency Allelic diversity Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium Deleterious Dominance Dominant Recessive Co-dominant
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Unformatted text preview: Heterosis Overdominance Heterozygote advantage Underdominance Homozygote advantage Frequency dependant selection Mutation Selection balance Migration Island Model Isolation by distance model ) )(1 Var q q q ( Fst = Genetic drift Ne = effective population size [2(Ne)( )] X[ ] = ) ( 2 1 Ne Neutral theory 4Ne Relationship between s and 1/Ne dN dS Negative selection Positive selection McDonald-Kreitman test Linkage equilibrium Linkage disequilibrium Recombination rate Selective sweep Tajimas D Fay and Wus H EHH = Extended haplotype heterozygosity...
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