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Name ______________________________________ Signature _________________________________ BICH 441 April 04, 2007 Quiz 7 NO CALCULATORS! 1 (3 pts). Fill in the blanks. Complete β -oxidation of one mole of a saturated fatty acid containing 22 carbon atoms would lead to the production of _____ moles of acetyl-CoA, _____ moles of FADH, and _____ moles of NADH. 2 (3 pts). Draw the structure of a fatty acyl carnitine in which the fatty acid contains 18 carbon atoms. 3 (6 pts). Starting with the molecule shown, draw the reactions to complete one cycle of
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Unformatted text preview: β-oxidation. (That is, show the steps until you generate one acetyl-CoA.) Show the structures and names of reactants and products, and name the enzymes. You do not need to draw the structures of CoA, FAD(H 2 ), or NAD(H). 4 (3 pts). Draw the reaction in the catabolism of a fatty acid with an odd number of carbons that generates succinyl-CoA as a product. Name the enzyme that catalyzes this reaction....
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