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BIOCHEMISTRY 441 Spring 2010 Instructor: David O. Peterson Homework 2 Due in class Monday Feb 15 1. Sucrose is a disaccharide between fructose and glucose that can enter into glycolysis via several different routes. In one pathway, sucrose is cleaved by the enzyme sucrose phosphorylase according to the following reaction: sucrose + P i fructose + glucose-1-P The glucose-1-P can then be converted to glucose-6-P by phosphoglucomutase in a reaction that does not utilize ATP. Fructose is a substrate for hexokinase. What would be the yield of each of the following molecules if one mole of sucrose is completely converted to pyruvate using this pathway? Explain your reasoning. _______ moles of pyruvate _______ moles of ATP _______ moles of NADH 2. A step in the degradation of isoleucine occurs as follows: Based on similarities to reactions we have studied, what coenzymes would you predict to be involved in this reaction? Explain. 3. Acetyl-CoA with
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