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Name _____________________________ UIN ___________________ Biochemistry 411 Quiz 10 1.) ( 2 Points ) Nitrogen fixation occurs in some microorganisms. Briefly describe this process and how it is beneficial to plants. Answer: Nitrogen fixation is the process by which nitrogen gas is converted into the usable nitrogen source NH 3 . This process benefits plants because microorganisms that utilize this process are located at root nodules of plants and can therefore supply NH 3 to plants. 2.) ( 2 Points ) Transamination reactions involving the use of glutamate as a substrate is used in the synthesis of what four essential amino acids?
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Unformatted text preview: Answer: Alanine, Aspartate, Glutamine, Asparagine 3.) Consider the compound glutamate--semialdehyde. a.) ( 4 Points ) Write the reaction form the formation of glutamate--semialdehyde from glutamate. Show all structures for substrates, intermediates and products. CO 2 C CH 2 H 3 N H CH 2 C O O Glutamate CO 2 C CH 2 H 3 N H CH 2 C O OPO 3 ATP ADP NADPH NADP Pi CO 2 C CH 2 H 3 N H CH 2 C O H Glutamate--Semialdehyde b.) ( 2 Points ) What two amino acids are made from glutamate--semialdehyde? Answer: Arginine and Proline...
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