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506_507_quiz_6 - (a one molecule of NADH Answer 1 NADH...

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Name _____________________________ UIN ___________________ Biochemistry 411 Quiz 6 1.) (a) ( 2 Points ) What are the two parts of photosynthesis and what is the purpose of each part? Answer: (1) Light Reactions – produce ATP and NADH (2) Dark Reactions – fix CO 2 to make carbohydrates (b) ( 2Points ) What is the role of the cytochrome b 6 f complex in photosynthesis? Answer: takes electrons from a quinone and uses it to reduce plastocyanin and reduced plastocyanin is used to reduce P700 + . This complex also serves to pump protons from the stroma to the lumen. Overall Reaction: PQ B H 2 + 2PC OX + 2H + STROMA PQ B + 2PC RED + 4H + LUMEN 2.) (2 Points ) Calculate the approximate number of ATP molecules that are synthesized by the oxidation of
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Unformatted text preview: (a) one molecule of NADH Answer: 1 NADH molecule oxidation pumps 10 H + and ~3.3 H + needed to make 1 ATP; therefore, 10/3.3 = ~3 ATPs (b) one molecule of FADH 2 Answer: 1 FADH 2 molecule pumps 6H + and ~3.3 H + needed to make 1 ATP; therefore, 6/3.3 = ~1.5 - 2 ATPs 3.) (a) (2 Points ) What is the purpose of the malate-aspartate shuttle? Answer: The malate-aspartate shuttle is used to carry reducing equivalents of NADH from the cytosol into the matrix for the electron transport chain to occur, while regenerating cytosolic levels of oxaloacetate. 4.) ( 2 Points ) What is the chemiosmotic hypothesis? Answer: A proton gradient is what drives the formation of ATP....
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