506_507_quiz_5 - occur Answer In plants some invertebrates...

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Name _____________________________ UIN ___________________ Biochemistry 411 Quiz 5 1.) Consider the following reaction: Acetoacetate + NADH + H + β -H ydroxybutyrate + NAD + a.) ( 2 Points) Using the following information, calculate the Δ E ° for the net reaction. Acetoacetate + 2H + + 2e - β -H ydroxybutyrate E ° = -0.346 V NAD + + H + + 2e - NADH E ° = -0.320 V Answer: electrons flow towards the highest potential. Δ E ° = e - acceptor (high E) – e - donor (low E) Δ E ° = -0.320 V – (-0.346 V) = 0.026 V b.) ( 2 Points ) How would the Δ G ° for this oxidation-reduction reaction be calculated? Answer: Δ G ° = -n F Δ E ° Δ G ° = -(2)(~100 kJ/mol V) (0.026V) 2.) Consider the glyoxylate cycle: a.) ( 2 Points ) What is the purpose of the glyoxylate cycle and in which organisms does it
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Unformatted text preview: occur? Answer: In plants, some invertebrates and some microorganisms, the glyoxylate cycle serves to produce 4-carbon compounds from acetate that can be used in gluconeogenesis to produce glucose needed for carbohydrate synthesis. c.) ( 4 Points ) Name the two enzymes that are unique to the glyoxylate cycle, write the reactions they catalyze and draw the structures of the products and reactants. COO H 2 C HC C H COO COO HO COO H 2 C H 2 C COO COO C H O H 3 C C SCoA O CoASH COO H 2 C C H COO HO Isocitrate ISOCITRATE LYASE Succinate Glyoxylate Acetyl CoA MALATE SYNTHASE Malate...
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506_507_quiz_5 - occur Answer In plants some invertebrates...

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