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biolecture notes nov - Bio lecture-nov. 1 Cant register for...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio lecture-nov. 1 Cant register for bio 102-just put class in there u might take Consider professional development in summer Make decisions on who gets accepted: 1. Recommendations 2. Experience(job) Its more important to work in summer than take classes Talk to several different students about what to take Isnt it great being a grownup? In the end you have to make a choice Build up job experience to make you competitive once you graduate You have to learn more than my grandmother was sick thats y I want to be a doctoreveryone had a sick relative..doesnt set you apart from other med school appliers. Saying you really did it ie: poked needles in peoples body will help you. Look for student job opportunitiesdoesnt have to be on campus..can be anywhere Magnified digital last supper: important cuz there looking for mary magdelene. Some people shes there and some say she isntmakes dr. t think of us because: b/c he sees study groups that arent very productive reminds him of the last suppersomeone standing other people sitting looking up for next piece of wisdom..not how study groups should beif study group is evolving to be the last supper you gotta get out of that..everyone takes time talking because the person talking can be giving the wrong info. Everyone take turn. Make sure we are round- robin[taking turns explaining] dont become dependent on one person. *hope everyone is doing metacognition for all classes..think about if we are getting enough time to get stuff done Cnidarians are not cephalized bcthey dont have a head[put it there because stuff at end of class is more important then stuff on middle of class because we need to keep paying attention till the end..instead of worrying about getting home..] -using cnidarians as an example Cnidarians: Not cephalized,do not have motor control, their [get name from cell type that shoot out a little harpoonarms contract as they push prey item into digestive system] dont have very fine control of what they can dohave a nerve net:neurons running through body, dont have a nerve..signals synapse to motor neurons laurliz@eden. Flat warms:are cephalized Most prevalent disease in world is from flatworms Has anterior and posterior You can be cephalized but not have a central nervous system There is an Advantage of being cephalized but doesnt involve if you have a head...
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biolecture notes nov - Bio lecture-nov. 1 Cant register for...

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