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Name _____________________________ UIN ___________________ Biochemistry 411 Quiz 1 1.) Consider the following net reaction: Phosphoenolpyruvate + ADP Pyruvate + ATP Using the following information: Phosphoenolpyruvate Pyruvate + Pi Δ G ° = -61.9 kJ/mol ADP + Pi ATP Δ G ° = +30.5 kJ/mol (a) ( 2 Points ) What is the standard free energy change for this net reaction based on the given information? Answer: (-61.9 kJ/mol) + (+30.5 kJ/mol) = -31.4 kJ/mol (b) ( 2 Points ) How would the equilibrium constant (K eq ) be calculated for the coupled reaction? Answer: Δ G ° = -RTln(K eq ) 2.) ( 3 Points ) Define the following terms and give their designated symbols
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Enthalpy: ________________________________________________________ (b) Entropy: __________________________________________________________ (c) Gibbs Free Energy: _________________________________________________ Answer: Enthalpy: the heat content of a reacting system, H Entropy: the randomness or disorder in a system, S Gibbs Free Energy: the amount of energy capable of doing work in a system, G (d) ( 3 Points ) Write the equation that relates the three thermodynamic quantities and give the units for each Answer: Δ G(J/mole) = Δ H(J/mol) – T(K) Δ S(J/K • mol)...
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