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Oregon State University Physics 202 , Winter 2010 HW3-4 (due Feb. 1 at 5:00 p.m.) 4 Page 1 Oregon State University Physics 202 Winter Term, 2010 HW3-4 This HW assignment, due February 1, covers topics from Chapter o 15 of the text. Of these problems, two will be scored (for a possible 10 points each). Donʼt forget the extra credit point that is available, too—see the course web site, under the links for recitation/Homework (HW). Follow the recommended format for problem solutions, use SI units unless directed otherwise, and assume three signi± cant digits in all numerical answers . 1. Chapter 15, Problem 62 (page 505). 2. Two sources of sound are located on the x -axis, and each emits power uniformly in all directions. There are no refl ections. One source is positioned at the origin. The other source is at x = 132 m. The source at the origin emits four times as much power as the other source. Find the two positions along the x -axis where the two sounds are equal in intensity.
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