Artificial Selection

Artificial Selection - Analogous structures-Have similar...

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Artificial Selection -Selective breeding of organisms to encourage the occurrence of desirable traits -Analogous to natural selection Concept 22.3 Evolution is supported by an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence Fossil Record -Show change in organisms through time -Change in types of organisms -Past organisms differ from present-day organisms -Many species have become extinct -Darwinists rarely mention the whole because it presents them with one of their most insoluble problems. They believe that somehow a whale must have evolved from an ordinary land-dwelling animal, which took to the sea and lost its legs. -A land mammal that was in the process of becoming a whale would fall between two stools -it would not be fitted for life on land or sea and would Homologous structures -May differ in function, but have similar anatomy
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Unformatted text preview: Analogous structures-Have similar functions & superficially similar appearance, but different anatomies (convergent evolution) Homologous structures: vertebrate embryos-All vertebrates share similar developmental genes-Differences arise by some genes being expressed differently Homologous Structures: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology-DNA is universal genetic material-All life forms use approximately the same 20 amino acids to make proteins -All use ATP as the primary form of cellular energy-All use RNA and ribosomes to make protein Biogeography-Geographic distribution of species-Closely related species tend to be found in the same region-Convert evolution-Organisms evolved from different ancestors, but living in similar environments-They evolve analogous structures...
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Artificial Selection - Analogous structures-Have similar...

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